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                                                         Tax Preparation & Planning



Your tax return price is based on the number of forms and schedules you need to file. Each return is different and the pricing is based on the time it takes and liability of those forms.  We cannot give estimates over the phone feel free to ask us for an estimate before we complete your return.

Bring us your prior year tax return and we can tell you our price for the same return. 

We include yearly tax planning in every return we do.  Use tax planning to get the refund you want, or plan how large a mortgage you can afford.  If you are getting married, having a baby, buying a home, changing jobs, getting a second job, retiring, or making substantial changes in your life YOU NEED TAX PLANNING, and we are here for year all year long with no additional charge. 

If you require us to total your receipts for you,  you will be charged an additional $75.00 per hour.  Fill out an organizer and any relevant worksheets to avoid these additional charges.

Discounts are available for corporate groups, seniors, military, and families with multiple returns.

Refer a new client to us and get a discount for you and your referral.